Welcome To Ka Ka's Royal Brood
Hi! My name is Kathi Cloud and we have all different kinds of kids here! Some of the kids have 2 legs and some have 4 legs. I have bred dog's my whole life and in May of 2013 starting to live my dream. We are located just outside of Statesboro, Ga which is about 45 mins from Savannah, Ga.

We have Nigerian Dwarf Goat's, Nubian Goat's, Chicken's And Chicken Egg's, Duck's And Duck Egg's, Pig's, Mini Donkey's and the Mini Dachshunds. We are also making Goat Soap and Goat Lotion. If you have any question's please call or text one of us.
Kathi Cloud                                             Tiffany ( Blondie ) Cloud
912-631-3694 Call or Text                     912-433-1257 Call or Text